Carved Voices is an international queer/feminist magazine celebrating creative resistance. We publish poetry (lots and lots of poetry), artwork, essays, short stories, photography, letters and various other imaginative form of art. To see our previous issues, click on the magazine link above.

It was founded in 2016 by an unlikely duo, a physicist (Sonali) and a civil judge (Shantashree) bounded by their passion for words and artistic and creative resistance. Since then, the team has grown to welcome, Jess, our resident artist, Kalpshree, our creative intern, Lei, our social media curator and Ebru, our book whisperer. It opens its doors to a different guest curator and editor every issue which has a different theme. The team interviews and features various activists and artists from around the world and strives its hardest to build a safe feminist/queer platform while bringing home beautiful voices around the world to your screens. To know more about our team, feel free to walk around the site and explore. If you want to get involved, get in touch! We are always looking for more similar minded diverse people to add to our queer family. Submission guidelines can be found under the “Submit to us” menu.

“We are not your usual cup of tea. We are spiced cappuccino. We scald and we offend. We bring you truth high in a smoky bar swinging to moody music. We bring you sluts and bitches, vigilantes and nerds. We stir. And we write poems about it.”