Guest Editors and Curators

Carved Voices regularly opens its doors to people with a vision who see themselves doing great things with us. If you have a vision for a great issue of Carved Voices, then get in touch with us! Drop us a line at with the heading “Position: Guest Editor/Curator”. Tell us a little bit about why you want to work with us and what kind of vision you would have us execute. The crazier the better!

In the meantime, here are our cohort of amazing guest editors/curators that we have had the food fortune to work with.

Purujeet Parida: (Co-founder/Guest Curator, 1st Issue): Purujeet was with us when Carved Voices was born. A entrepreneur, lover of words, writer and analyst, he helped edit and put out the very first issue of Carved Voices into the world.

Debanjan Basu: Guest Editor: 2nd Issue: Contours of Identity: A physics researcher who is in love with writing, Debanjan Basu was our very first Invited Guest Editor for the second issue of Carved Voices. With his previous editing experience and warm demeanour, he fit right in! He firmly believes in the necessity of cupcakes when it comes to the development of one’s soul. We definitely adore him!

Anchita Addhya: Guest Editor: 3rd Issue: The Love and Desire Issue: In the fall of 2018, we opened up applications to find our next guest editor and fate led us to Anchita! We cannot stress the amount of fun we have had with her. Anchita is a physicist. A Poet. And a Procrastinator, and its not necessarily always in that order!

Gunjan Wadhwa: Guest Curator: 3rd Issue: The Love and Desire Issue: When we decided to hire our first guest Curator for the Love and Desire Issue, we wanted someone passionate, vocal, highly intelligent both analytically and emotionally. Gunjan is a post-structural, post-colonial AND feminist writer, (re-)writing on the concepts of gender, identity, religion and resistance. She has a PhD in Education and Development Studies that she’s not afraid to use. She has taken the Carved Voices interviews with people we love and want to feature to the world, to new heights! Stay tuned to see her amazing work in our upcoming issue!