Core Team


Sonali is a Jack of All trades and Master of Many. Fiercely Independent, Queer, Loyal, Creative with the soul of someone who would do anything and everything for you, she is a physicist, poet and a public speaker. She is the author of the poetry book “Leaking Ink” and manages the overall team and creative direction of Carved Voices. You can find more about her here.


Shantashree is a Civil Judge with a Criminal Law Background in Odisha, India. An existential soul with a deep deep love for words, she finds comfort in literature and words. A movie aficionado, a conjurer of imagery and a lover of romanticism and nostalgia, she is the other half of the Carved Voices partnership. She is the Creative Curator of Carved Voices where she oversees editing and curation.


Jess is a queer illustrator and artist based in England. She is a cat-lover, book devourer and an art-lover all rolled into one. She joined Carved Voices in 2017 and has become an integral part of its core curation team where she oversees art, design and curation.


Among other things, Lei is a developing physicist, a sporadic singer-songwriter, an avid home cook, an experienced traveller, and a passionate learner. She aspires to be a considerate and outspoken voice for those who are not often heard. She is the face and brain behind the beautiful social media graphics of our artists and writers we manage to present to the world.


Apart from being a kick-ass editor at Carved Voices, Sherein finds home in the first sight of approaching hills, by the water, in the food she cooks, in a deep scented page in the corner of a library, in smashing patriarchy, with her mum, in her friendships, in the stories people choose to share, and in her work. She is one of the coordinators of I Will Go Out, a national movement against street sexual harassment, has coordinated One Billion Rising 2014-15, has extensive editing background (Pratham Books for almost 3 years) and used to head content and social media for an education consultancy in Chandigarh. She’s bisexual and loves to officially welcome strangers who open up to her, to the LGBTQIA community.